Windows 10 Screenshot Update in September

The September 2018 Release of Windows 10 is just round the corner which will annoy many people who seem to hate Microsoft patching their computers — which means they’ll really hate the new DaaS (Desktop as a Service) that Microsoft will be pushing out in the future as their ‘Managed Desktop”  — instead of owning Windows, you’ll “rent” it by the month and Microsoft will be in charge of it!!

Mind keeping up to date is important as Microsoft fixes lots of bugs that it introduced in the previous releases as well as updating its applications with new tweaks and new features.

Currently the built-in screenshot tool works by pressing Windows key + Shift + S which starts the cropping tool that appears over whatever is displayed on your PC screen. You can use it to select an area of the screen you want to save to the clipboard.

In the September 2018 Release, when you select an area to save, you’re presented with the option to open it in a new Sketch Application in which you can do some basic editing on the image, including cropping it and doodling on it.

Additionally, the cropping tool can also be summoned by clicking the “Screen snip” button on the Action Centre panel, which you bring up by clicking the notification icon on the lower-right corner of the Windows 10 desktop.

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