Windows 10 September Release

The next release of Windows 10 is just round the corner and will “probably” be called the September 2018 Release — or Redstone 5!

Keeping up to date is important as Microsoft fixes lots of bugs that it introduced in the previous releases as well as updating its applications with new tweaks and new features.

I do like the idea around its new clipboard tool that’s starts when you press the Windows key + V. This tool shows a history of the text and images you’ve cut or copied to the Windows clipboard, letting you go back to any item (not just the most recent) to paste it. 

This clipboard also syncs across multiple Windows 10 PCs that are signed in with the same user account. For example, items you copy to the clipboard on a Windows 10 PC you use at home can be retrieved on your Windows 10 PC at the office! 

These two functions will have to be turned on. In the Settings app, go to System > Clipboard and select “Clipboard history” and “Sync across devices.”

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